On the set of 'Las Vegas'
Ron Cogswell

"My crew and I have just started Season Five on NBC's 'Las Vegas'.
My 208 continues to perform flawlessly."

Washington D.C.
Jose Garcia, CS208

Blackpool, England
Martin Beresford CS106

On set of TV series 'Where the Heart Is'
"I upgrade the gear around it from time to time but the Cooper is the heart of my setup."

Dave Harris & Philippe Faujas CS104

This photo was taken in Dublin during the shooting of "Fallout" using a CS104. Philippe Faujas: Sound mixer, Dave Harris: Boom Operator. We just won the Irish Film and Television Award for BEST SOUND, using a Cooper CS104, for the series "Pure Mule"

Vinod Subramanian
Sound Mixer CS208


Ouvrard Benoit comments on his CS208D: 'I use with great pleasure my CS 208D. The best sound mixer in the history of sound recording.'

Steve Cantamessa
2005 Oscar award recipient for Best Achievement in Sound for 'Ray'

Comments by Steve on his CS208 'The CS208 mixer's versatility and superior craftsmanship met the demands of 'Ray' with ease.' 'If you send me into the jungle, I'm taking a mixer that Andy has designed and built. That is certain.' 'There is not finer production mixer than the CS208.'

Roman Schwartz
CS 208

NEW YORK (atop Trump Tower)
Tom Holman
CS 104

Stuart Wilson
CS 108 + 1

Tony Dawe
CS 108 + 1

I've just come across your site, and wondered if you might be interested in the films your wonderful coopersound 108 + 1 that I bought about five years ago has been used on. I first bought it to record "Sleepy Hollow" , then some very good tv shows such as Foyles War and Dinotopia, "About a Boy", and recently "Troy", "Phantom of the Opera" �"The Grid" TV series, and at present I am working with it on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I originally used it with a Nagra 4 Stereo, then an HHB Portadat, and presently with an HHB 8 track Portadrive recorder. Of all the equipment I own, the Coopersound is by far my most favourite piece to use. It has never given me a moments trouble, and quite frankly I would imagine it never will. It went to Mexico and Morocco and Malta, and survived all the heat and dust without a murmur. Now, recording on the hard disc, the editing department of "Charlie"are very impressed with the dynamic range of the finished tracks. I have found the Coopersound completely 'bombproof' and have never heard any distortion over the years I've used it, and I used to be a rock and roll music mixer so I tend to push it fairly hard!

Kindest Regards,
Tony Dawe. Production Sound Mixer.

Paul Ledford's Sound Cart

Jean-Luc Audy & Olivier Busson

"I am very lucky to work with the CS208D, it's an achievement I can't find any other words to name it. I have the sonus clarus and the freedom, in short I'm a happy sound mixer, thanks to you!"

James Butler

CS 106 + 1 & Nagra D2
Eric Rueff

Eric Rueff in New York with his CS 106+1 and Nagra D2


Damien Canelos & Assistant
CS 104


Matthew G. Monroe, Location Sound
CS 104

So...I spent four weeks this past summer working on an amazing documentary project up in Alaska.  I experienced some incredible sights and sounds...  Ate tons of fresh salmon...



Jose Garcia & Assistant
CS 106 +1

Mike Michaels, Nov. 1990
CS 106 +1




Roland Rebscher
CS 106+1


Tom Holman
           CS 208



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