CS 104-4T Direct Out Option

An optional accessory board that provides four balanced direct outs at +4dBu, either pre* or post faders.

May be used to feed 4-track recorders, or to provide discrete outputs, separate from the main mix.

Internal switches allow any or all of the outputs to be either pre* or post fade.

The outputs are on a 12-pin Hirose connector†, replacing the mix bus in connector (mix bus in is still available on the new connector).

The circuit is only powered when a cable is plugged into the Hirose connector. (Conserves current when not in use.)

Installation is designed to be as simple as possible.

The circuit board is installed above the meters, therefore is retrofittable to all versions of the CS 104 (excluding V.1).

*The standard configuration is post fader - an additional plug-in harness is required for prefader. (Connects to the insert point on Board D.)

The Hirose connector mates with Hirose plug, P/N HR10A-10TP-12P