CS 104 MS
M/S Decoder Option
Application Note

M/S Decode for Inputs (CS104 MS)
Allows decoding an M/S mic configuration to left / right stereo before the mix bus, with the stereo image being controlled by the pan pot.

As the decoder is pre mix bus, the other channels can be panned into the stereo mix.

Standard Configuration
Decoder on ch.1 & ch. 2 (ch.1=mid, ch.2=side)
The M/S decoder is turned on via a switch mounted in the left side panel.  (up=on)
Channel 1 & 2 link switch is on.
Channel 1 gain pot controls both inputs, providing convenient operation.
Channel 1 pan pot is adjusted for preferred stereo image width.
Channel 2 gain and pan pots are out of circuit, therefore there can be no possibility of accidental misadjustment.
The pan pots are recessed, allowing a secure and repeatable setting for the width.

This feature is optional. Price: $200.00
The decoder could be installed on channels 3 & 4 if preferred.
The decoder is retrofitable to earlier mixers.

CS104 M/S decode Option

CS104 M/S Option