Cooper Sound Systems, Inc.

Customer Comments

02/2007 by David Cyr on CS208: "Love it!"

01/2007 by Gary Gossett on CS306: "Can't wait to use it. Love your products."

04/2006 by Darrell Henke on CS208: "Love it"

07/2006 by Michael Barosky on CS208: "Cooper panels are simply the best boards ever made. I would never consider anything else. It is the most 'bulletproof' piece of equipment in my kit."

11/2006 by Tom Taylor on CS208: "My pride and joy (next to my family, of course)"

02/06 by Alessandro Zanon on CS208 - "I was so impressed by your audio mixer that, for the first time, I thought I was at last working with a really high quality product.....and easy to operate as well."

01/06 by John Scott on CS104 - "My Cooper 104 has been great. I have used it on over 135 episodes of "Great Hotels" and "Passport to Europe" for the Travel Channel."

02/06 by Derek Johnston on CS104 - "It's still the best mixer on the scene and (other portable mixers) can't touch the sweet sound of a Cooper. People ask me to bring this mixer on important jobs."

06/05 by Lawrence Hoff on CS208D - "....I am very impressed."

07/29/05 by Don Zenz on CS208D - "I have to tell you that I absolutely love this mixer! Its versatility and sound quality are without equal. I put it into service at the beginning of my second season on "The O.C". Post production commented, without solicitation, on the improved sound quality."

01/05 by Jay Meagher on CS 208v2 - "Very very clean!! Thanks."

11/04 Simon Clark - CS 208v.2 - "It's the Rolls Royce of Mixers, I love it!"

05/04 by Joseph Hettinger on CS 208D - "The features and versatility of this mixer was very much needed and appreciated."

03/04 by Allan Byer on CS 208 - "This is my third mixer since 1994 (108-208-208D & CS 104). Do you think I like your mixers?"

03/04 by Aaron Frutman on CS 104 - "I'd first like to say how pleased I am with your product. We have used this mixer for 4 years almost daily and never had a problem."

03/04 by WiIlliam Kaplan on CS 208 - "I still adore my Cooper! It has always worked perfectly, even at -20 degrees for a week recently in a snow blizzard."

11/03 - Brad Harper on CS 208D - "This is one gorgeous mixing panel."

11/03 - Mark Brooke on CS 104 - "Superb sound and build quality."

11/03 - David Diamond on CS 208D - "Excellent product."

11/03 David Powers-CS 208V.2 "Genius! With the addition of the ADC A-D converter, all the mixer I could ever need."

10/03 John Scott-CS 104 "I love my Cooper!"

10/03 Doug Johnston-CS 106 "What a great mixer, has served me extremely well in some tough conditions for a long time."

08/03 William MacPherson-CS 208D "Congratulations on a superb achievement!"

05/03 William Kaplan-CS 208 "I adore my Cooper! It has enjoyed many wonderful films and been around the world twice since you've seen it last."

01/03 Neal Gettinger-CS 104 "'s the best piece of gear I have ever bought. It's durable, dependable, well laid out and user friendly. Oh, did I mention it sounds great?"

12/02 Todd Johnson-CS 104 "I also want to say how much I have enjoyed using this mixer and what a great piece of equipment it is. It has never let me down on the job. Thanks."

04/02 Al McGuire-CS 104 "What a fantastic product the CS 104 is. I love the sound of it. After almost five years of constant hard use, I am returning it for service. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool."

02/02 Kathy Walton-CS 104 "Did I mention on the phone that I love this mixer?"

12/01 James Kusan-CS 208 "Nice design & engineering!!"

10/01 Jay Farrington-CS 104 "I love my Cooper!!"

07/01 Philippe Racine-CS 104 "Very quiet mixer!"

06/01 Joseph Biscotti-CS 104 "The mixer has performed excellently under less than ideal conditions around the world."

11/01 Ed Seneshen-CS 104 "Love the mixer. It performs very well for my applications."

11/01 Scott Chappel-CS 014 "Great sounding mixer"

10/01 Graham Smith-CS 104 "Fantastic mixer & tough....thanks."

05/01 James Berek-CS 208 "A true work of art!"

02/01 Ron Cogswell-CS 104 "A great design, very easy operation."

11/00 Jim Gilchristi-CS 104 "Love the features, layout and the Varitas bag. Thanks."

08/00 Eric J. Batut-CS 208 "Congratulations on a well thought out mixer."

06/00 Nick Kolias-CS 104 "Outstanding!"

06/00 Christine Black-CS 104 "Your product came highly recommended and for someone just starting out I thought I'd get it right the first time. This mixer has everything I need."

06/00 Ron Cogswell-CS 208 "Excellent functions and design"

05/00 Chris Gurney-CS104 "I must congratulate you on a superb mixer, so easy to use everything, so well thought-out and well defined, rugged and dependable."

04/00 Robert Cruz-CS 104 "This is a wonderful mixer. I've tried them all and this is the all around best. I will buy another for a backup someday. Thanks."

03/00 Todd Johnson-CS 104 "Very solid and well thought out design. Quality parts and well worth the price."

03/00 Hans Van Der Bold-CS 104 "I've heard such great things about Cooper products...I'm just thrilled to finally be using them. CS 106 next."

10/99 Bayard Carey-CS 208 "Well designed, easy to use, rugged, easy to service....a great product."

09/99 Norman Berry-CS 104 "Two thumbs up!"

08/99 Gilles Kuiper-CS 104 "Sounds great and great limiters!"

08/99 Mike Sexton-CS 208 "Looks beautiful!.. Thanks again Andy."

08/99 Rocky Sabini-CS 104 "Great stuff!"

02/99 Jack Norflus "I really love this mixer, well thought out, well layed out, obviously alot of thought went into this product. Thanks for a fine product."

09/98 George Baetz "Best panel in the business! I'm proud to finally own one."

08/98 Joseph J. Yario "This mixer is obviously well thought out. Great job."

08/98 David Powers-104 "Hope to buy the 106 soon - great stuff."

07/98 Curt Frisk "Own Cooper 108 - Love it."

07/98 Kenny Delbert-106 "By far the best on the market."

02/98 John Fasal "Andy - As always your workmanship is the best!"

12/97 Thomas Holman "Looks and sounds super, beautiful design."

09/97 Skip Frazee "I've had a CS 106 for 6 years. What else would I even consider?"

06/97 Jeff Jones "Love your products tonality!"

06/97 David Poole "Used it for the first time. Love the quiet monitoring and smooth gain controls..."

05/97 Peter Knowles "Excellent sound & build."

04/97 Mark C. Cochi "Excellent product. I own an SQN 4S Series III, and after doing various tests, the CS 104 is sonically equal and design superior! Thanks!"

10/96 David Lerner "A great sounding, versatile mixer."

10/96 Damian Canelos "I find the Cooper mixer creates a warm tone to the recordings I make onto my DAT! Well done!"

10/96 Peter Groco "Best mixer for the work I do."

09/96 Bill Williams "It is a gem."

09/96 John Collins "Beautiful piece of equipment!"

07/96 Ronald C. Malo II "Only praises for the quality."

07/96 Charles Tomaras "This is the finest piece of equipment I have ever owned! You have hit the nail squarely on the head...The best EFP mixer made. Thanks."

05/96 Douglas Cameron "I came down and met the gang in May and all I can say is this is an excellent mixer!"

12/95 Len Schmitz "Quietest mixer I've ever used."

10/95 John Gooch "I love this mixer!"

07/95 Benjamin A. Patrick "Looking forward to the future projects with my new mixer."

02/95 Matthew Quast "Extremely well designed with all the features a production mixer needs."

12/94 Brett Lofthus "Excellent. Five star. Perfect. Wonderful. Needs nothing."

10/94 Dan Newman "I am very impressed with the well thought out features, quality workmanship and cooperation with installing custom modifications. I believe that in it's category, the Cooper CS 106 is the best there is."

05/94 Whit Norris "Glad I now have a Cooper mixer."

03/94 Peter J. Devlin "I am very happy with the design of the Cooper, although familiar with the Sonosax, I felt the Cooper is a superior board which is why I purchased this product."

11/92 Eric Batut "Very clean and quiet audio performance. Well designed and laid out for location recording."

08/91 J.E. Jack "You spoiled me."

1990 Claudia Katayanagi "Wonderful mixer! Appreciate the quality of each part, as well as the whole and the thoughtfulness in design."