CS208 Audio Mixer - AN 6
(Not available for the CS208 v2)

Phones 1 - 4 Track Monitoring S/N < 80176

The CS208 can be modified to enable monitoring of all four main outputs at the same time. (& 4 tape returns)

A new circuit board 'Phones 4 Track' can be installed on board G.

The tape/direct and AB/CD switching is modified to enable 4 track monitoring.

The AB/CD switch is replaced with a center off toggle switch -
Up = 4 Track
Center = AB
Down = CD

There is a further option on the new board to allow either 4 track mono sum of all four outs or A+C = left, B+D = right for 2 stereo microphone pairs. (music app. - front & rear stereo pairs)



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