CS 208 Audio Mixer: CSHN-208 Remote Roll Interface H/N
(Not available for the CS208 v2)

For remote roll of HHB DATS (record/stop), & Independent control of Nagra recorders.


Without the interface, the CS 208 will directly control the HHB in the pause/record mode. However, because of the design of the HHB, the roll switch needs to be toggled between center off & pause to enable record, also the led will not follow the record mode.

CS 208 Roll H/N requires a 9v battery. The standby current is extremely low (<.5µA) to ensure long battery life.

The led indicates record mode & battery voltage. 'On' if battery voltage is greater than 6v.

A toggle switch turns the interface on. (right = on)


The interface will also allow independent operation of 2 Nagras.

1 Nagra is connected to the CS 208 roll socket & the other to the interface.

Internal mechanical jumpers need to be moved to configure the interface.

Box dimensions - 4.4" x 2.5" x 0.9"



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