CS 208 Audio Mixer - External Power Supplies
October 1999
Revised Nov. 2000

CSAC-12, CSAC-24 Power Supplies:

The CS 208 can be powered by either the CSAC-12 or CSAC-24 power supplies.
(12 or 24v DC out)

The specifications of the CS 208 are the same for both power supplies.

One consideration is if the power supply is used for other equipment.

Also, the mixer uses less power at 12v than at 24v as the internal regulator is set at 18v DC max.


1. The power supply should be located at least 3' (1m) away from the mixer & recorders.

2. The side vents should not be obstructed.

3. The unit does run warm as it is a linear supply.

4. Indoor use only.

Rev. October 2001

A new universal power supply is now available: CSAC-SW.



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