CS 208 Audio Mixer CSMB - 208
September 2000


CS 208 Mix bus interface

Provides access to the A, B, C & D mix busses.

Enables mixers to be 'daisy chained' to increase the number of inputs.

Internal mechanical jumpers select either -2dBu or +4dBu input level to the interface.

The inputs are XLR, unbalanced. (pin 2 is high)



Position A  -2dBu  Zin = 10k
Position B +4dBu Zin = 20k


Rev. 1 Nov 2000
For CS208 S/N 80155+

Position A  -2dBu  Zin = 20k
Position B +4dBu Zin = 40k
Box dimensions:  4.3" x 2.3" x 1.2"


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