CSAC-12 Power Supply for CS 208
(Special Order Only - See CSAC-SW)

May be used with the CS 208 and other devices requiring a well-regulated DC output voltage.

Input AC (50-60 HZ):
100v, +/- 10% / Internal Jumpers
115v, +/- 10% / Externally Selectable
230v, +/- 10% / Externally Selectable

Output DC: 12 v at 1.7 A max.
Ripple: 3 mv max., peak to peak
Size: 5.50" x 4.375" x 3.25"
Weight: 3 lbs.

        CS208 Roll H/N-Remote Roll for HHB Stop Mode
(Not Applicable for CS208 v2)

For remote roll of HHB DATS (record/stop), & independent control of Nagra recorders.  

Without the interface, the CS208 will directly control the HHB in the pause/record mode.  However, because of the design of the HHB, the roll switch needs to be toggled between center off & pause to enable record.  Also, the led will not follow the record mode.

CS208 Roll H/N requires a 9v battery.  The standby current is extremely low (<5A) to ensure long battery life.  The led indicates record mode & battery voltage.  'On' if battery voltage is greater than 6v.  A toggle switch turns the interface on (right=on).
The interface will also allow independent operation of 2 Nagras.  One Nagra is connected to the CS208 roll socket & the other to the interface.  Internal mechanical jumpers need to be moved to configure the interface.

Box dimensions - 4.4" x 2.5" x 0.9"

CSMB-208 Mix bus Interface

Provides access to the A, B, C & D mix busses.
Enables mixers to be 'daisy chained' to increase the number of inputs.
Internal mechanical jumpers select either -2dBu or +4dBu input level to the interface. The inputs are XLR, unbalanced.  (pin 2 is high)


Position A  -2dBu  Zin = 10k
Position B +4dBu Zin = 20k


Rev. 1 Nov 2000
For CS208 S/N 80155+

Position A  -2dBu  Zin = 20k
Position B +4dBu Zin = 40k
Box dimensions:  4.3" x 2.3" x 1.2"
Optional Features for the CS 208 Audio Mixer

Internal A-D converters & AES/EBU Outputs

Provides 24 bit, 96 k digital outputs for the four main outs. The outputs can be switched between: 24 bit/96 k, 24 bit/48 k, or 16 bit/48 k as pairs (ie; two digital outs at one rate and two others at another rate). The reference may be either internal or external. The 16 bit output is dithered and noise shaped. Retrofittable to all CS 208 mixers.

8-Track Balanced Pre-Fader Outputs

Provides eight balanced, prefade, +4dBu outputs on a standard Dsub25 connector (Tascam compatible). Retrofittable to all CS 208 mixers.

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